From the Pastor's Desk:

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! One of my favorite verses is Matthew 28:6, where the angel proclaimed, "He is not here! He is risen! Just like He said!"
This Easter is unlike any I have ever seen. I really do not think in my entire life that I have ever not been in church on Easter Sunday morning. (However, to keep my streak alive, I am here at GBC this morning with Miss Jean worshipping our risen Savior and praying for all of you!)
Today, you and millions of others across our nation are confined to your homes because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is not the first time people were locked in their homes - missing out on Easter church services. I am reminded of that first Easter morning. After Jesus had been crucified and laid into His tomb, the disciples and many of Jesus' followers hid themselves in their homes, locking the doors behind them in fear that the Roman government would crucify them too. They thought Jesus would overthrow that government and free and restore Israel. But now Jesus was dead. All hope had vanished. And they were left behind hiding and confined in their locked rooms left to deal with the disastrous situation at hand. Little did they realize that as they were "stuck at home" Jesus was rising from His tomb. He had risen! Just like He said!
Although you are "stuck at home" this Easter morning, you can still rejoice and tell everyone in your house -- Jesus is alive! He is not in His tomb! He is risen! Just like He said!
Jean and I wish every one of you a blessed and joyous Easter! We love you and pray that we all see each other very, very soon!

Pastor Randy




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